Fire and floods are to be avoided if at all possible

by / Wednesday, 19 March 2014 / Published in Blog

Water damage is one of the most common insurance claims reported by homeowners, and water damage can cause problems long after the flood if the problem isn’t treated properly. If you have found water in your basement, and the problem is getting worse, call for assistance from a professional water restoration company. The company is going to help diagnose the flooding cause, extract the water and treat the problems to make the home safe.

Flooding and Septic Problems

If you find water creeping up the walls of the basement, you have no clue what is in that water, o where the water is coming from. You could have an overflow of groundwater that the ground cannot support coming through the crock into your home, or you could have a more serious problem. You could have waste flooding into your basement from a problem with the sewer system, or mixed in with the groundwater. The amount of bacteria that could be spreading quickly throughout the home is worrisome and hazardous for all occupants or pets, and must be treated.

A water damage company is going to test the water, and they are going to treat both problems if necessary. If the problem is the sump pump or another plumbing concern, you’ll need to have the plumbing errors fixed by a professional so you don’t end up with water in your basement again.

Extensive Cleanup Requirements

A water damage restoration company has the several pieces of equipment and the materials required to clean up the flooding properly and efficiently. They have pumps to constantly remove water that is still coming into the basement, and they have commercial fans and heating systems to dry a basement out fast. The professionals will use hygrometers and moisture sensing machines to test the space, and to find out where the water damage is still a problem.

The professionals may have to remove carpeting, drywall, insulation and more to effectively remove all of the moisture that is in the area. They will then treat to kill any bacteria that could cause mold, mildew and illness to occupants of the home. The sooner the team is called, the less damage there will be.

Benefits of Services

The antimicrobial cleaning agents that the water damage restoration company will apply throughout the affected areas is going to prevent bacteria from affecting the space, and from spreading to other areas throughout the home. This is going to prevent odors from becoming a problem in the space, and the products will remove odors that are present. The machines and cleaning agents can be used to remove stains that have occurred from water damage. The company is going to apply a latex coating to prevent stains and odors from reappearing, and to create a barrier to prevent and trap bacterial growth.

If you are experiencing flooding in your basement and you are worried about the damages and long term affects throughout your home, call us to get fast service ad a free quote.