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We are known as Dry1Out. We are a fire and smoke restoration company. If your home has had the misfortune of having this happen, you need to call us. When it comes to this stuff, we are the best. Our staff is always highly trained and are always get updates with their skills. We have been around for a while now. Our client base and referrals speak for themselves. You can always go to our site and check our the reviews.

So why should you hire us, and not someone else?

1) We employ a lot of contractors. This makes it easier to work in many different areas, all at one time. Other companies only have a few people and it takes a while. With us, we come prepared to discuss everything. There is a lot that needs to be dealt with after a fire or any kind of water damage happens. You have to deal with the inside of the house, as well as the outside. The structural part of the house is most important. There is a lot of mold and fungus that can develop there, if not taken care of properly.

We handle the job in a small fraction of what it takes other companies to do. This our main goal. We want to assist you with all that you need, to get back on your feet. We want you to get back to normal life as soon as possible. This is the first reason why you need us, not the others.

2) If you are working with us through your local insurance company, you can be assured that we are legit. We help you navigate through both spectrums. This way you get the money you deserve, without a lot of crap behind it. If you go through an insurance company that is not affiliated with us, chances are pretty good that you will get the run-around. But not with us. We want you to get compensated. We want you to be happy.

3) We use the right equipment. If you were to do-it-yourself, you would have to pay an arm and leg, just to rent some of this equipment. Buying the equipment, forget about it. We use all of that stuff and more. We bring those tools right to your doorstep. The advantage with us is, you get to see the equipment you were going to use, without paying a cent for it.

Plus, our equipment is all eco-friendly. There are some tools that get the job done, that emit toxic chemicals into the air. We don’t believe in doing this. It’s harmful to us, your home and you.

All of our contacts and connections are all favorable. Everyone we do business with is legit and strong.

If you would like to know more about us and what we do, go on our site. Or you can call us and set up a free consultation.