Pick Up After Water Damage with Water Damage Restoration

by / Tuesday, 11 March 2014 / Published in Blog

water-removal-300x200 Water damage can occur in many different ways. Perhaps you were gone on vacation and just returned to your home, only to find a pipe froze and burst in your basement. Water damage can occur through a leak in the foundation or by a basement window, or perhaps, in a different wall all together. Regardless of how the water accumulated inside of your house though, you need to think fast in order to reduce the amount of water damage and to improve your chances of returning your home back to normal. This is all possible, if you utilize the best water damage restoration techniques and look towards professionals who are able to assist you with these issues.

As soon as you notice the water damage, you need to do two different tasks. First, you need to shut the water off inside the house, if the water is coming from a burst pipe. Shutting down the water at least cuts the flow of water into the house. If you have someone else with you, have them contact the water damage restoration professionals. The sooner they arrive on scene, the sooner they can start removing the water and restoring the damage. If you are on your own, shut off the water first and contact the water damage restoration team second.

While waiting for the water restoration professionals to arrive, try to clear out any valuable items from the room that you want to protect. Anything exposed to the water is going to deteriorate the longer it is touching the water, which is why you need to remove everything you can. Some items might be too large or big to move, especially when a few inches of water sitting on the floor, but if you can move it, you are better off doing this.

Once the water damage restoration team is on site, they are going to remove the water and analyze the situation. Hopefully, you caught the issue quickly, which reduces the amount of restoration the team needs to do. It might simply require drying out the room and you’re done. However, if it is extensive, the team is going to remove the damaged flooring and walls where the water has damaged your home or property. Water damage does two different things. The first is deteriorate the exposed material quickly and second, it causes the development of mold and mildew. Mold can become extremely dangerous, as breathing in mold, especially black mold, can cause health problems. The professionals are going to remove the area where mold spores might develop (or have started to develop already) and they will replace all of this. Once the restoration is completely, it is possible to start moving back the items into your home that you might have moved.

Water damage can occur in so many different ways. From the burst pipe in the basement to the water damage sustained while putting out a fire. There are so many ways water can damage your home, which is why you need help from professionals.