Recovering from your worst nightmare

by / Saturday, 15 November 2014 / Published in Blog

water-removal-300x200 What is your biggest asset? Your home is normally the biggest asset that anyone will ever own. In order to take unencumbered title to your property the chances are good that you have been paying a mortgage for 25 years or so. But during that 25 years the value of the property will have gone up a massive amount. Typically a modest house that was bought 25 years ago and kept in good order will have doubled in value at the very least.

One of the great things about owning immovable property is just that. It is immovable. It cannot be stolen or lost. As long as you keep up the payments at the end of the period it is yours free and you can live in it or cash in the equity and do something else.

But like so many things there are dangers inherent in the owning of any building. It is possible that it may catch fire, or be flooded.

A fire is a thing that is so easy to start. Smokers often use open flames, especially pipe smokers but it is unusual for the hot tip of a cigarette or cigar or even pipe ash to do more than scorch a surface that it falls on.

An electrical fire is far more likely. Many people are inclined to hook up a number of appliances to one socket. Although the current draw may be within the tolerance of the circuit breaker it is entirely possible that heat build bu could burn through insulation and set up an arc which starts ignition.

Now in this event and if one is quick the current can be switched off and any burning extinguished. Usually it is much worse than that with fire extinguishers used up and failing that a fire brigade truck having to be called out to quell the blaze. This as you may imagine is a big effort and fire trucks with high pressure hoses squirt water onto the flames, cutting down doors and breaking windows. Frequently they leave a terrible mess after the fire has gone. But one still has to deal with the clean up.

Cleaning up after a blaze is not a pleasant task. Acrid smoke will have got onto all surfaces and may contaminate the soft furnishings, drapes and rugs. Walls will need re painting and any water damage incurred in the fire fighting need to be eliminated. Indeed, depending on the severity of the fire one may have to have the structure itself checked over.

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