Restoration Services Prevent Water, Fire, Smoke From Causing Permanent Damage

by / Wednesday, 23 July 2014 / Published in Blog

water-removal-300x200 Unexpected disasters can wreak havoc on homes and commercial properties. Thunderstorms and strong winds can render utility lines useless and cause extended power outages. Heavy rains can also cause flooding in basements, apartment homes, and retail spaces. Long after the storms have come and gone, the damages are still being totaled. Individuals often feel that they are alone in the cleanup process but that belief is not accurate. Experienced professionals are able to offer assistance or complete cleanup services in the case of emergency floods or fires as well as non-emergency circumstances that require expert cleanup efforts.

Water Damage Restoration

Whether from an internal or external source, water can cause a significant amount of costly damage to any home or building. Pipes may burst between walls and cause the growth of harmful mold and other bacteria. Hot water heaters often leak throughout basement areas and sinks or bathtubs are inadvertently overflown, causing water to pour through ceilings and floors. Heavy rains and flash floods can cause water to seep into foundations or overwhelm external drainage systems.

However the flooding or leaking occurred, quick cleanup of any of these events is crucial to avoid additional damage or total loss of valuable possessions. Twofold action must be taken to begin removing standing water and separating dry contents from those that have been exposed to the water. Professionals with the proper equipment can make short work of excess water and allow individuals to get their lives back on track. Additional waterproofing efforts may be required for properties that tend to flood frequently or are at risk of future flooding.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

House fires can be devastating and even the cleanup process can cause residual water and smoke damage. The soot and smell of smoke seeps through walls into adjoining rooms, apartments, or townhouses. When experts are called into these situations to begin cleanup, they are careful to preserve the integrity of the structure and hopeful save some of the contents. Carpet and flooring often has to be replaced due to fire, water, or smoke damage. Thorough scrubbing and deodorizing of all surfaces can restore the unit to its original condition and allow families or property owners to inhabit the home and begin rebuilding their lives.

Addressing water, smoke, and fire damage requires the proper tools, equipment, and knowledge. Cleaning products must be of the top quality and have the ability to completely tackle the task at hand. Customer service is also a major concern for individuals who have been affected by a disaster. They want to know that the company they choose to help them clean up is professional and dedicated to the cleanup efforts. The process of cleaning and restoring a property should be so thorough that the property shows no signs of the damage when the restoration is complete.