Restore your family’s peace of mind after a disaster

by / Friday, 23 May 2014 / Published in Blog

Our home is something that we all hold dear in our hearts. It is our refuge, and as such it helps to give us a sense of security. If something happens to our home then, we feel violated. That’s why it is so important for our home to be restored properly after a disaster strikes.

Water and fire damage are both devastating to homes. Most people do not realize that massive water damage can occur from a simple drip. You do not need a flood or a toilet to over-flow to have water damage. An unseen leak can do as much damage, if not more, than anything that leaves standing water on your floor.

Wet wood and wet dry wall create a lovely living environment for bacteria and mold spores. In this way, harmful organisms can easily find a living space in your home, if a drip is left unattended. But, simply drying out the area and repairing the leak are just the beginning of a proper restoration. Damaged wood and dry wall need to be replaced. All of the areas that were affected need to be inspected and repaired if necessary.

Fire damage is generally easier to spot, not because you can see fire, but because you can smell it. Many home fires are caused by faulty wiring, or just old wiring. The plastic insulator that is around live wires cracks and breaks when it gets old. This allows wires to touch, and that often causes sparks or heat, which in turn, sets off a fire. Even after the fire has been extinguished, there is still an odor.

Smoke damage should not be ignored or simply washed off and painted over. As a fire consumes the materials that it comes into contact with, it releases chemicals which are picked up by the smoke and spread throughout your home. There are many potentially dangerous chemicals inside the materials that make up your home, and there are other harmless chemicals that are changed when heated. In addition, the chemicals that you use to clean and sanitize your home are kept separate in nice containers until a fire releases them and allows them to mix.

Fire damages everything it touches by either consuming it as food or by destroying it from excessive heat. Anything that the fire has touched with its flames, its heat, or its smoke, all need to be replaced. Doing anything less could open up you and your family to severe health hazards.

Any damage to your home should be taken very seriously. It may be that no harmful organisms found their way into the water damaged wood, or that no harmful chemicals were spread by fire and smoke throughout your home, but there really is no reason to take the risk. There are a number of companies that employ true professionals in the area of home restoration. These are the people that you need to call when your home has been violated by water or fire damage.