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Sewage Cleanup and Toilet Overflow Specialists In San Jose and Surrounding Areas

A sewage backup or toilet overflow can be a serious problem because sewage water contains disease-causing bacteria. The cleanup work following any sewage leak should be performed as soon as possible to minimize exposure to harmful bacteria, unpleasant smells, and unwanted moisture.

If a sewage backup occurs inside your home or basement don't hesitate to call us, Restoration Specialists. Our sewage cleanup and removal services will protect your property and address all the unsanitary odors and biologically harmful chemicals by thoroughly cleaning, decontaminating, deodorizing and sanitizing all affected areas.

The cleanup of raw sewage should not be done by the homeowner or by any untrained individual. When you hire Restoration Specialists for spilled sewage cleanup, you can be confident that your family and your property will get the safest, most thorough cleanup services available. Our workers are trained to the highest industry standards, and utilize specialized equipment designed for pumping, cleaning and drying.