I had a stove fire a month ago and my husband and I had put it out with fire extinguisher. Jonathan showed up an helped us out with everything. He was so nice and professional. I can’t thank him enough for all his help. My house is back to normal and… Malinda M.

Restoration Specialists are the best in the business. I had some flood damage done from my upstairs bathroom. They came in no time and repaired it on the same day. quick and good service!!! Thanks again… Magno L.

Restoration Specialists team has been very helpful. We had an incident in our home where the fire sprinkler went off and flooded the entire first floor. In no time they were at our door steps and right from mitigation to personal property damage repo… Priyank D.

Last week we had a fire at our home that caused structural damage and left us without electricity or gas. We were fortunate enough to have Restoration Specialists to help us in our time of need. More specifically, Jaun has gone above and beyond expec… Jenifer H.

We have been very happy with Restoration Specialists. We have known them for years. Good Job!!!! Vincent H.

VERY helpful and they did a great job on a pipe that bursted in my upstair bathroom. I managed to turn the water off but not before I has a waterfall going down my stairs!!!! They came out and did a fantastic job fixing and cleaning up ALL the water... Sean H.

After the fire tragedy that occurred at my home there was only one person that really stood out in my mind after the very next day. There were fire and flood companies that were approaching us even while the fire was still burning and not to mention… Michael C.

I cannot say enough good things about Restoration Specialists. A pipe in my building’s attic burst about two weeks ago, flooding my unit. I called Restoration Specialists and they called me back almost immediately. A couple of hours later, Jesse an… Melanie K.