Fire/ Smoke

Fire/ Smoke

Our first step at a fire scene is to calm customer’s fears and address their concerns. The second is to pre-test to see what type of damage has taken place.

Pre-testing helps to...

  • Determine what is restorable and what must be replaced
  • Determine the most effective cleaning and restoration process
  • Determine pre-existing conditions
  • Determine the extent of the loss
  • Reduce overall cost of the restoration
  • Eliminate needless replacement

Our supervised professional moving crew has the knowledge and experience to pack and move entire contents from any size home.

Our fire damage experts help to get your belongings completely restored, which is a necessary first step in getting your life back on track. Between thoroughly cleaning and restoring the actual structure and treating your home or office for smoke damage and lingering smells, we work hard to remove every trace that the fire ever occurred. If you’ve been through a fire, let us help to put your mind at ease with our smoke and fire damage restoration services. As a full service cleaning and restoration company, we take a lot of pride in using the most effective and modern techniques in restoration, we understand the complexity of this type of damage. Our fire damage team is compassionate and accommodating to everyone we work with, especially during critical situations such as a fire.

If you property has sustained damages from fire, water, severe weather, mold, or sewage then please contact the expert at Restoration Specialists. We are here to provide you with top-rated residential and commercial reconstruction services.